2 Admins Top 10 Favorite Summer ‘17 Release Features

Salesforce’s Summer ‘17 Release rolled out a few weeks ago with over 1000+ new updates and 450 pages of notes to read through. Your 2 Admins, Tom and Mary, have sifted through the massive list and wanted to share their top 10 favorite new features and functions that help Salesforce users to:

  • Increase time management
  • Simplify business processes
  • Improve accuracy
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Improve communications

1. Check for duplicates across multiple categories
Duplicate management feature now compares leads with contacts and vice versa.
It’s pretty rare for a business to not have duplicate contacts or leads in Salesforce. With the Salesforce Summer ‘17 release, you can now check for duplicates across multiple categories  such as leads and contacts.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_sales_duplicate_management_cross_object_duplicate_rules.htm



2. Salesforce for Outlook can be “Pinned” in Outlook
Lightning for Outlook remains open and refreshes to show records relevant to the newly selected email. So, you continue working without interruption.
This one is HUGE for PC Outlook users. One big issue have, is having to click the “View” icon in Outlook every time you want to add an individual email to Salesforce. Now, you can “Pin” Lightening for Outlook, so as you scroll through emails, the Salesforce panel will show the records associated with that email address (or you can create new records). Awesome!

NOTE: Your org needs to be on Outlook 2016 and the Windows Operating System.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_sales_lightning_for_o_pinnable.htm






3. Use topics to organize your content in Chatter – Lightning experience only
Assigned topics are associated permanently to the post in the system, even if you remove them visibly by editing the post.
Here at 2 Admins, the vast majority of the communications between us is not through email, but through Chatter. However, searching for a topic in your Chatter feed was not easy. Now you can tag Chatter posts to not just one topic, but up to10 topics. We have years’ worth of chatter on, e.g., taxes, branding or Salesforce Releases that are tagged with topics. Now you can view topic discussions, see trending topics and even search for topics through global search.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_chatter_topics_in_lightning.htm











4. Upgrade to Lightning for Outlook – Avoid needing manual upgrades
With Lightning for Outlook, upgrades are pushed out automatically.
If you’re still using Salesforce for Outlook, start thinking about the switch to Lightning for Outlook. It’s been around now for a few releases, and like all things Salesforce or wine…gets better with each release.  What’s really great about the feature is that you no longer have to deal with manual upgrades. Administrators and users can enjoy the additional time savings of not having to manually install the upgrade or have downtime while the upgrade is being performed.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_sales_sfo_migrate.htm







5. Out-of-Office messages for your profile (pilot) – Lightning experience only
Many users have asked for this update and Salesforce listened: a way to mark your profile with out-of-office information.
If you are a part of a large team or have many remote Salesforce users, this new feature is for you! There was no easy way to let other users in Salesforce know that you’re out of office. Now you can set an Out-of-Office message which will display next to your profile pic or in the messages feed mentioning your name.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_chatter_profiles_ooo.htm













6. Convert Attachments to Files – Salesforce will be completely moving away from attachments in the near future
Say goodbye to the Notes & Attachments related list and display the Files related list instead.
Salesforce is slowly but surely eliminating Attachments. Not to fret… they’ve added the Files object, which you can relate to any object page layout as a Related List. Files are also synced up with Chatter, so a File will display in both your Chatter feed and in the related list. They can also be up to 2GB versus the old 25MB max for an attachment. What do you do with all of your Attachments? Salesforce Labs has released a new free App (Attachments to Files) that will help you do the conversion.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_files_attachments_to_files.htm







7. Dashboards display a “Last Refreshed” warning – Lightning experience only
“How come our dashboard is showing names from people no longer with the company?”  Answer: Dashboard hasn’t been refreshed since 2015! This little feature will help!
File this one under a small thing, but a great little new feature in Salesforce Summer 17’ Release! If you haven’t refreshed a dashboard in more than 24 hours, the dashboard now lets you know with a helpful warning message.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_rd_reports_dashboards_other_enhancements.htm




8. Spell correction on searches – Lightning experience only
When Salesforce corrects the spelling on a search term, a message will show at the top of the search results page.
This feature actually isn’t new this release, but if you type in “Broncas” but meant to type in “Broncos”, Salesforce will show you the suggested corrections in the results. Very handy! What is NEW in this release is that in Lightning, you will see a message at top of results letting you know the search has “spell corrected” results. Even better to let you know as a precaution!

Complete Release Note:












9. Lighting Console Split View Option – Lightning experience only
Work even more efficiently with Lightning console split view, a collapsible pane that keeps the list views you need close at hand.
In Lightning console apps, you had two display options to quickly move between multiple records, Table and Kanban. Now with split view, users have an faster way to work and update several records by having both a collapsable list view on one side and several tabs showing records details in the workspace.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_general_lightning_console_split_view.htm


10. Leads now keep all related activities and files when converted – Classic and Lightning
When users convert a lead, files and related records attached to the lead are attached to the resulting contact, account, person account, and opportunity records.
When converting a lead, the new contact, account, and/or opportunity will now include activity history, open activities, files…plus a few other out of box objects.

TIP: Start using Files rather than Notes & Attachments related lists.

Complete Release Note: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_sales_features_core_leads_related_records.htm




Ok one more for our Gmail users:
11. Lightning for Gmail is generally available (GA) with improved efficiency
Get a boost in productivity with Salesforce latest features for Gmail.
Lightning for Gmail is now GA and you can relate your emails directly to Salesforce records – even as you are writing your email! You can even generate your emails quicker due to the availability of Lightning email templates.

Complete Release Note and Additional Features: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer17/release-notes/rn_sales_lightning_for_gmail.htm

Our top 10 updates are just a small list of great features available this Summer. Many of the updates we listed will help you save time, improve accuracy and customer relations with the ultimate goal of improving your business’s bottom line.

If you would like to learn more about the Summer ‘17 Release and how you business can begin taking advantage of the new features available, give 2 Admins a call to schedule a consult and help you get started.

Haven’t tried the new Lightning experience yet? 71% of our users surveyed say Lightning increases their productivity by 41%! *Source: Lightning Adoption Survey, End Users (N=325); April 2017

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