Work smarter, not harder with Quip

As registered Salesforce partners, Tom and Mary are always taking advantage of Salesforce webinars and learning tools. Salesforce recently purchased and released Quip, a productivity suite that brings documents, spreadsheets, chat, action items, and visibility together in one central living document. Tom and Mary decided to give it a whirl…they immediately began integrating Quip into their workflow.

“This usually doesn’t happen when a new integration rolls out, there is usually a higher learning curve but this was SO easy! Day 1 we have been using Quip and have never looked back. Our productivity has increased and we are saving even more time now!” Mary boasted with excitement.

Take a peek below, Tom and Mary have highlighted some of their favorite Quip features.

Give us a shout if you would like more information on how to integrate Quip into your Salesforce environment.




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