Interested in or currently using Salesforce.com? Wishing you had a sales or service technology solution to replace all of those spreadsheets and disconnected systems? One that is easy to install, easy to manage, is mobile enabled and provides real-time reporting?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, 2 Admins in the Cloud can provide solutions!

We provide packages for:

  • New Salesforce Implementations
  • Re-Charging Your Current Salesforce Implementation
  • Targeted Customized Salesforce Help
  • Integrations with Other Systems
  • Training for Users or Administrators
  • Day-to-Day or Monthly Support
  • Requirement Consultation and Solution Design

We can also help you with Salesforce Applications that:

  • Help you manage and automate your business documents
  • Scan your business cards with your mobile phone and have the data load directly into Salesforce
  • Have easy to build sales coaching scripts, HR onboarding scripts, process compliance enforcement and more
  • View all your Accounts on a geo-coded map, optimize sales routes, view colored pins for key information

Package and email team or client-specific reports to sync up with scheduled meetings 2 Admins in the Cloud:

  • Have worked with companies from two employees to thousands
  • Are a Registered Consulting Partner of Salesforce.com
  • Have earned multiple Salesforce Certifications
  • Have clients around the world and in many industries
  • Have 14+ years of combined experience in the Salesforce ecosystem

2 Admins team members are: