Our 7-Step Approach

Wondering how this works? This is what you can expect when you work with 2 Admins in the Cloud.

1 – Understand Your Needs

Once you express interest in working with us, we need to get to know your company and what its Salesforce.com needs might be. This can be done in multiple ways:

  • Fill out our Discovery Questionnaire  
  • Fill out a Requirements Gathering Form that is based on Agile methodology.  
  • Have a 60-90 minute meeting in person or over the phone.
  • Some or all of the above!  

Your Cost: Nothing

2 – Review our Initial Requirements Report

In order to make sure we correctly understood your needs, we will produce an Initial Requirements Report for you that we will ask you to confirm is correct and/or make any changes.  Your Cost: Nothing

3 – The Project Proposal

We will produce a Contract with various terms and conditions, the Project Proposal (what we propose to build for you, what services we propose to do for you, project start and end dates, etc) and the Project Fees/Payment Schedule.

4 – Review Our Proposed Workflow

Within one week of the Contract being signed, we will produce a Solution Design document for you that is a high level flow of any business processes where you’ll be utilizing Salesforce.com for the project. Each step in the flow will include various features and functionality we will be building. We will also include a visual representation of your business flow(s).

5 – Build Your Solution in the Sandbox

We will need access to a full copy Sandbox (Salesforce.com test environment for your org) if you have one or a developer Sandbox if you do not. If you do not have a Sandbox, we will need access to your Production Org in order to proceed with the build. We will provide instructions to you for access to the applicable Sandbox and/or Production Org.

For each of the Requirements signed off on, our team will be doing anywhere from one to dozens of internal technical tasks in the build phase.

6 – Review and Test Your Solution

We ask for your strong commitment to be reviewing the development on a regular basis. We will be soliciting your feedback during this phase as everything will become clearer once you see your requirements in action

Once development is completed, testing has been completed by both our team and by your team, we will be ready to deploy to production. We will work with you to move all the newly built architecture to production as well as helping you manage data updates into the new architecture.

We will send out a Final Requirements Report to you for your sign-off. Once signed off, the final invoice statement(s) will be sent out.

7 – Ongoing Support as Needed

We want to have a continual relationship with your company as it moves down the Salesforce.com path, whether that be more formal projects or monthly support packages to fit your ongoing needs!