Are You Running Your Business – or is Your Business Running You?

Take our quiz to find out: Download here >> Do you ever find yourself scrambling to clean up before guests come visit? It seems that just before they ring the doorbell is when you’re finally able to see how your home looks from an outside perspective. Likewise, it’s hard to be honest with yourself about […]

Work smarter, not harder with Quip

As registered Salesforce partners, Tom and Mary are always taking advantage of Salesforce webinars and learning tools. Salesforce recently purchased and released Quip, a productivity suite that brings documents, spreadsheets, chat, action items, and visibility together in one central living document. Tom and Mary decided to give it a whirl…they immediately began integrating Quip into […]

2 Admins Top 10 Favorite Summer ‘17 Release Features

Salesforce’s Summer ‘17 Release rolled out a few weeks ago with over 1000+ new updates and 450 pages of notes to read through. Your 2 Admins, Tom and Mary, have sifted through the massive list and wanted to share their top 10 favorite new features and functions that help Salesforce users to: Increase time management […]

Better Together: Merging Salesforce Environments for Greater Efficiency

Peanut butter and jelly. Sonny and Cher. Tequila and salt. There are a lot of winning combos out there – and we’re sure you can add to the list. [Tell us your favorite combos here.] Whether it’s because they’re more efficient, bring out the best in each other, or are just plain delicious, some of […]

Giving Business Owners Their “Lives” Back

“Small business owners can get their lives back and feel confident that Salesforce will assist in increasing their bottom line and giving them some breathing room. There is light at the end of the tunnel.” – Frances Brown, owner Casinos Express Tours Having thousands of customers to manage is a great problem to have – […]

5 Of Our Favorite Apps

Imagine going for a run without Spotify, or taking notes during a meeting without Evernote. Whether it’s your phone, tablet or computer, it’s clear these devices just aren’t as useful without the apps that extend their functionality. But what about when you use Salesforce? Many of our clients aren’t aware that apps and plugins are […]

Automating Your Most Tedious Tasks. That’s How 2 Admins Roll.

      Many companies create their sales proposals the old fashioned way, by copy and pasting the last proposal sent. As companies grow, this process becomes cumbersome, prone to error and takes up valuable time. 2 Admins are pros at helping companies create solutions to the many repetitive and time-sucking tasks all businesses have […]

Get to know the 2 Admins team

It may be fairly obvious from our company name, but 2 Admins in the Cloud is, at the heart of it, a result of the experience and knowledge of our two founders. When you partner with us, your project is managed and executed by Tom and Mary from start to finish. That’s why, in this introductory […]

The Forgotten Ones

If you’ve been around Salesforce for any length of time, no doubt you’ve seen the many, many changes the application has gone through, especially in the last couple of years.  As the platform gets better and better, Salesforce makes changes to default behavior for new orgs. If you’ve been working in the same org for […]

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